I seek the human truth in the message.

Then I write it truthfully.

I began my career creating traditional advertising campaigns. We had big television budgets, created layouts on paper and made phone calls by dialling zero on the landline. Despite the shortcomings of the time, this background gave me a solid foundation in the principles of conceptual thinking. It also provided the basics in how to communicate an idea simply and clearly—whatever the context or medium.

I now have experience in a wide range of digital writing, for websites, mobile apps, online promotions, digital content, CRM campaigns, display banners, email marketing and social media.

In this space there is no room for creative indulgences or superfluous elements. Words that don’t communicate the right message in the right way (and get to the point quickly) are just a click away from eternal oblivion. If you’re still reading this, my approach is working.

Content that’s worth reading
​​The current demand for compelling content is good news for those who love writing stories. I can turn any topic into a rewarding read, from fruit juice and furniture to wine clubs, micro-finance and what-to-do-with-the-kids-in-the-holidays. I have created brand content strategies and how-to guides, and written hundreds of articles for different websites, newsletters, blogs and online brand magazines.

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Words that weave
facts into narratives. 

And turn
information into ideas.

Published Books

I co-authored a textbook on online writing that was published by Juta Publishers in 2018. The book is targeted to all students in fields of communication, digital marketing, copywriting, journalism and applied language studies. It also appeals to anyone with an interest in specialist writing and an eagerness to learn how to craft word skills for different digital platforms.

Titles of contributing chapters in the compilation: 
– Developing website content and enhancing user-experience
– Email as a relationship marketing channel

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Juta book cover image

Published Articles

Thought leadership: Financial Mail Business Essentials
How technology is changing the role of the copywriter

Thought leadership: Juta publishers
The emergence of a new digital writer: Crafting words for mobile digital experiences

Interview with BizCommunity
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Heading down a wonderful web of research

I have a particular interest in the way people interact and interpret information on different media channels. When book-readers become digital users they change the way they behave–and it’s not always pretty! The impatient, demanding expectations of a mobile user therefore require a unique approach to the presentation of text on digital interfaces. As a result, writing for websites and mobile apps adds an intriguing, multi-faceted layer to the wordsmith’s craft.

Master’s in Media Studies (University of Cape Town)
Writing for mobile media: The influences of text, digital design and psychological characteristics on the cognitive load of the user.

I graduated in 2019, with a topical focus on writing for mobile media, backed up by theoretical foundations in reader-response, cognitive load and hypertext theories.

One of my findings is the need for a more collaborative approach to UX writing, which involves the writer earlier in the development of digital content and information on mobile media. I believe there is an opportunity to develop more specialist training in the field of digital writing for web and mobile.

Future studies
I am interested in pursuing further studies, with a possible focus on voice-activated information inputs and the role of the writer in designing realistic AI-generated conversations. There is much more to discover in the field of human-computer interaction and the varying narratives of the reader and user on different platforms and channels.

Other topics I would like to explore include storytelling techniques for digital media and the teaching of creative ideation processes and conceptual thinking to writers and designers.

Curriculum development
I have developed and moderated the module curriculum and assessments for a three-year BA programme in copywriting at Vega School, a private brand communication college in South Africa. It is my particular goal to balance academic credibility with industry relevance to ensure students graduate with qualifications and portfolios that demonstrate job-appropriate skills and learning.