The job of the copywriter is evolving.
It’s not just about making ads.
How could it be, in a world now sculpted
by technology and data-driven user experiences?

The brand writer of the future needs to stay agile.
To keep learning and adapting.
But the basics of the job will always apply.
How humans behave. And why.
What makes people feel good. And why.
Telling opinions. Untold stories.
New trends and old habits.
And of course, anything wonderfully
wordy and booky.

This ever-changing world of words and ideas
continues to spark my passion for the craft.

So it’s not surprising I now spend most of my time teaching it.



I consider the role to be more about mentoring, guiding and inspiring. But my lectures do manage to keep students engaged–even before 10am on a Monday morning!

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I have e-tutored over 350 students in copywriting through a global correspondence writing college. I also consult on the development of portfolios to help writers find work.

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I develop and facilitate customised training courses and corporate workshops in copywriting, brand communication, conceptual thinking and a range of specialist digital writing skills.

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What people say about my workshops and courses:

The content is carefully considered, well researched, and well-articulated. Excellent. Mandy’s experience, her zest for her craft and for the advertising industry shows. This course has shoved my confidence into overdrive and my client base has increased.

Nicola Pierce-KirklandCopywriter and Business Owner, Ogham Communications

A course worth the time, money and effort. It covered all aspects on point to the topic and offered valuable examples. Mandy is an excellent teacher who is very passionate about her field and has amazing knowledge to share with us.

Emily VoslooPublisher, Africa Sun Media

I enjoyed the course, it was full of insight. Mandy is an absolutely phenomenal lecturer. She is very passionate about what she does and therefore it was easy to learn and the content was always very informative. It changed my mindset on how to look and analyse content. I have come to appreciate the effort that goes into good content.

Josette MoholaMarketing Executive

How lovely to learn from you! What you taught us speaks to what I've learned in my previous studies and has just rekindled my love for this again. I love the structure that is so essential to this creative process.
I can already see from what we learned, how I can do what I do, better!

Sandra MaritzEducation and Awareness officer National Council for Physical Disabilities SA



I am able to apply the fundamental principles of traditional copywriting to digital campaigns. My ideas reflect genuine human insights–it’s good to know it does pay to be an ever-curious people-watcher!

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I can weave narratives around any brand or topic to create engaging content. My writing has been published in a textbook, magazines, newsletters, blogs, social media and websites. It’s storytelling without the smell of the sell.

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My Master’s thesis discusses writing for mobile media. My research interest focuses on human-computer interaction, digital communication, reader-response theory and the processes of  conceptual thinking.

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