Then and now

I have always enjoyed words, writing, books, stories, language–and watching the way people behave. After studying Linguistics, English and Psychology, I discovered the field of copywriting. I realised it was an ideal combination of all my interests.

So I became a copywriter.

I spent nearly twenty years in the advertising industry, both full-time and as a freelancer, working on a wide range of global brands and small local businesses.
I then realised I gained even greater pleasure from teaching my craft to others.

So I became a lecturer.

And more importantly, I became a mentor. There is great reward in knowing I can make a contribution to someone’s career by opening doors to new knowledge and new opportunities. I am able to provide practical writing skills to new young writers hoping to start a career in the advertising industry. I also facilitate training for professionals in the art of writing for different brands and digital media channels.
And I always keep a sense of humour in the process.

Between the words

My busy buzzy life has allowed me to master the art of keeping a hundred balls in the air at once. My dynamic 20-something daughter and son do their best to keep me from being uncool. And the famous flat mountain in my backyard keeps me sane and happy. When I’m not ticking off tasks on my eternal to-do list, or reading my kindle with a cat on my lap, I always find time for a run or walk on a trail or beach in my beautiful city. All together I manage to stay fit, stimulated, interested–and most often, ready to catch the next ball!