Workshops sound like hard work.

I prefer the lively buzz of ideas being shared. 

I design and facilitate customised workshops in all aspects of brand writing, including traditional copywriting, digital writing, social media, websites, UX writing, radio writing, design thinking and conceptual communication.

My workshops usually take the form of relaxed gatherings and involve an inspiring combination of lectures, videos, discussions and group activities. I include practical examples from award-winning campaigns to bring the content to life, and ensure the sessions are engaging and entertaining.

I always strive to create a comfortable environment that encourages open discussion and sharing of opinions. As a result, everyone benefits from the collective skills and knowledge in the group. And I get the chance to learn something new too!

Bespoke training for career up-skilling
The content and format of the training can be tailored according to varying timelines and schedules, structured for the needs of different employees, or based on personal CV-boosting objectives. 

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Previous Workshops

Copywriting for a Digital World:
AAA School of Advertising (Cape Town)

Copywriting and Conceptual Thinking:
Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography

Insights into Copywriting:
Terrapinn Conferencing (Johannesburg)

Copywriting for Radio Advertising:
eTV (Cape Town)

The Copywriting Portfolio Course :
AAA School of Advertising (Cape Town)

Digital Copywriting:
Machine Publicis (Cape Town)

I enjoyed the course, it was full of insight. Mandy is an absolutely phenomenal lecturer. She is very passionate about what she does and therefore it was easy to learn and the content was always very informative. It changed my mindset on how to look and analyse content. I have come to appreciate the effort that goes into good content.

Josette MaholaMarketing Executive


It’s not only about talking in front of a classroom.

But there is a lot of talking.

I have been given official titles at two leading advertising colleges in Cape Town: senior lecturer and academic navigator.

But I don’t think you can teach creative thinking by being too official.

I do spend quite a bit of time standing in front of a class, or talking to a screen on Blackboard, armed with an arsenal of carefully curated presentation slides, award-winning case studies and my own industry experience. (You need every weapon you can find when talking to a group of 20-somethings before 10 in the morning!)

My students graduate with internationally accredited degrees, but I believe my core role is to facilitate the development of relevant copywriting portfolios. And, of course, keep everyone motivated.


Creating graduates with job-ready skills
The copywriting students who complete my courses frequently win awards along the way. (I am particularly proud of winning awards in the Loeries student radio writing category for 13 consecutive years, as well as a pair of pencils from D&AD.)

But more importantly, my students find jobs, and are often employed soon after graduating. In fact, they are known to “hit the ground running” as soon as they start working in the industry.

Many of my graduates are now working successfully (and happily) in advertising agencies and brand companies in South Africa and around the world.

For me, that’s the best award of all.


It’s like a traditional writing apprenticeship.

For a digital age.

The Writers College
I am proud to be one of the tutors for this leading international online correspondence writing school. I find myself in the company of bestselling authors, leading journalists and award-winning writers of an impressively eclectic ilk. The unique approach of the college allows students to receive one-on-one mentoring from specialised professional writers.

The Copywriting Course  
I developed the outline and original content for a ten-module copywriting course, which presents a practical introduction to conceptual thinking and brand communication. It covers writing techniques for a range of different media, including print advertising, radio commercials, ambient activations, online advertising and websites.

Making a positive impact on people’s careers
Approximately 350 students have completed my course, from various countries around the world–South Africa, UK, Qatar, Rwanda, Dubai, New Zealand–and sometimes from airports in transit between countries! It is always rewarding to hear from students how my feedback has made an invaluable contribution to their writing and critical thinking skills.

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My experience on the course was very enjoyable; it was a great learning experience. Mandy was very approachable and efficient as my tutor. I learned a lot from her vast and up-to-date knowledge on the subject.

Copley Sutton


It’s more than a collection of work.
It’s a book of opportunity.

Not everyone is able to attend a full-time advertising college or complete a degree in brand communication. Sometimes that petty matter of earning a living gets in the way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find work as a copywriter or freelance content writer.

Prove your potential with a copywriting portfolio. I can help.
You will need to show off your writing skills to future employers and clients. It’s much easier when you have expert guidance. I can curate the process and help you to find work as a copywriter, digital writer and content creator. I will also assist with the professional presentation of your work and recommend the best online portfolio portals for self-promotion.

Conceptualise. Craft. Then craft again.
The process involves working on a series of different practical writing projects that present relevant brand challenges. Each portfolio can be customised according to individual speciality interests, career goals and the level of existing writing skills. Progress will be facilitated right from the initial briefing to the final layouts. I will provide a series of one-on-one consultations to offer guidance throughout the conceptual and crafting process. This can be done in person, through email or online via Skype/Zoom/Teams sessions, whatever method is preferred.

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