Copywriting for a Digital World

I really loved this course! Even though I am not working in the field of advertising, how I approach communication with clients and the public in general, has changed since the first lesson. I gained valuable insight into writing for online mediums. How lovely to learn from you! I can already see from what we learned, how I can do what I do, better!

Sandra MaritzEducation and Awareness Officer, National Council for Physical Disabilities South Africa.

Mandy is amazing!
Her passion and love of the industry becomes more and more apparent with each minute spent in her company.

Roxan LangeveldtFeatures Writer, Jet Club - Edcon

The course was very informative. Mandy had a great way of applying examples to current and pasts happenings in the ad industry, as well as getting the class to discuss the effectiveness of those examples.
Her experience shines through all her lectures. She also keeps a good flow and makes interaction fun due it not being a very formal environment

Du Toit GrieselMarketing Student, AAA School of Advertising

The content was excitingly surprising. Not only did I come back with a whole new perspective about the digital world but my holistic approach as a marketer improved.
The course touched on everything and more

Pamela JamesMarketing Co-Ordinator, House of Monatic

The course was very inspirational and informative.
Made me want to write.
I think the informal format and taking part in discussions is great.

Tina du PlessisFreelance Writer and Marketer


The Copywriting Course

I would describe the course as a transformational learning experience. I loved every minute of it. I was pushed, stretched and challenged.
My tutor Mandy's response was always detailed, very constructive and hugely beneficial. I discovered creative reserves I never knew I had.

Gisele CrewdsonFreelance writer and teacher, Johannesburg

I thoroughly enjoyed the course! I found the briefs and course notes clear and exciting. Mandy was great. After every brief there was always a motivation for me to push the idea further. Her suggestions were always enlightening. I enjoyed working with her. Overall I would describe the course as efficient, inspiring and thorough.

Kelly Tomes

It was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot and everything was very well structured. Mandy was a wonderful tutor and she had a lot of patience with me if I didn’t understand a module.

Krysten Vlok

It was an excellent course. Getting work so quickly in the industry has been outstanding. I found Mandy to be an excellent lecturer.
I especially valued her feedback and comments on my assignments

Greg Tosi

I have learned a lot from this course and will never look at advertising the same way again, and that is a good thing. Mandy was really great!

Natashja Singleton

I felt like I was learning from someone who is genuinely passionate about her subject. I have learned so much and am inspired to pursue it further.

Candice Nel

The course was very interesting. It definitely made me a better designer by reintroducing a multitude of things I haven’t touched on in a while. I found the whole concept-centred approach awesome. My tutor Mandy was really clear in her feedback and I found the experience inspiring; a definite plus in broadening my creative horizons.

Laurissa van der Walt

Mandy was very thorough with her feedback, as well as being friendly and helpful. She offered some good advice and encouraged me, her attitude made me feel very motivated and confident with each module. It was a positive and challenging experience that has improved my knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Louise Bartlett

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I was privileged to have an amazing tutor and the content was relevant and informative. Mandy is extremely experienced in her field, she gave in-depth explanations on all assignments and she gave me invaluable information for my writing career.

Alison Livanos